Everything You Should Know About Politics 

What is politics?

If you were to ask various people what politics is, you would probably get different answers from each.  If you want however, the experience politics, you want have to look much further from your own life.  Open a daily newspaper, or watch the news, and you will experience politics first hand.  Politics governs our daily lives, and it even though we have all come in touch with politics, few of us can really explain what it is.

The Etymology Of The Word Politics

The word politics comes from Greek words, and it means of, for, or relating to citizens.  In other words, politics is the practice and theory of influencing other people, by using positions of governance to organize control over a human community.  It is also the study of distribution of resources and power within the community.  So, whoever governs politics, governs the resources – and vice versa; and in the end it governs our lives.  The political system should be a framework which defines acceptable political methods within a given society.  This does not mean that all it takes should be a means of exercising power over a given society and its members.  The members of a society should be able to make decisions concerning their own faith, and choose the leaders their political system.  The basis of democracy is being able to vault and give your own opinion about political matters, as well as to give your own contribution to the society you live in.

Types of Politics

Politics3In the each society different types of politics exist.  This means that each type of politics deals with a different aspect of daily lives of many people who live in a society.  Formal politics is consisted of public policy on war and foreign affairs.  As for informal politics, its deals with the everyday politics which is everywhere, as well as governing and forming alliances, exercising power, protecting ideas and goals.  The informal politics is what affect your everyday life, and it is also what most people understand as politics, comment on daily, and talk about over coffee or at the dinner table.

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Your Role In Politics

9033698-POLITICS-Magnifying-glass-over-background-with-different-association-terms-Vector-illustration--Stock-VectorIt is strongly advisable that you take an interest in politics, since it will allow you to change your own destiny, but it will also give you the instrument to change the world for the better, and leave a better world for your children and the generations to come.  This is precisely why it is immensely important for you to take an interest in local politics, because this ultimately leads to being aware of the global politics too.  Global politics includes different practices of political globalization and governs the world entire.  It also prevents catastrophes which can lead to global conflict.  In the 20th century the world has experienced two world wars, and no one wants to see that scenario happening ever again. By taking an interest in politics you are being a valuable member of society with power to change it for the better.


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